Application Process

The EDLE application window for October 2019 opens on November 1st, 2018.


Who can apply?

Admission to the programme is open to applicants with a diploma or a bachelor and master degree in law or economics or a relevant field, or an equivalent university degree (second cycle qualification). Applicants have to comply with partner universities’ requirements for admission to doctoral studies.

EDLE is a structured programme in the economic analysis of law on a doctoral level. Therefore, a thorough previous knowledge in the field of Law & Economics is required, as well as basic knowledge of microeconomics and calculus. If you lack specific knowledge on the economic analysis of law, you should consider applying for the EMLE programme, where this knowledge can be acquired (see

Completed applications can be submitted to via E-Mail.


The applicant shall attach the following documents to his or her e-mail:

All documents shall be handed in in English. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

1. CV with information on academic, professional and other education (Europass model) official transcripts of previous degrees (in English)

Please use this template.
Instructions for using the Europass CV here.
Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]CV.doc" (e.g. young_neilCV.doc)

2. Transcript of records

Applicants who expect to graduate before mid July of the year of their application can also apply for admission. They can be conditionally admitted to the programme under the deferring condition that we ultimately receive the official copy of the diploma by July 20th of the year of their application. (e.g. applicants for 2018 who will graduate by July 2018 can apply for the EDLE in October 2018)

All applicants are admitted conditionally on the legal validity of their second-cycle degree, which is officially declared by the Italian Authorities in their own country. Once (conditionally) admitted to the programme, applicants shall immediately apply for the "Dichiarazione di valore" from the Italian Consulate in the country where the degree was issued.

All selected candidates shall hand in legalized copies of their diplomas and transcripts.

Please scan the transcripts and send them as a PDF file. Maximum size: 500 KB 
Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]TRANS.pdf" (e.g. young_neilTRANS.pdf)

3. Letter of motivation with a prospective research proposal

In the letter of motivation, applicants are expected to explain why they are interested in Law and Economics in general and the EDLE programme in particular, and to put forward a suggested research proposal (with provisional title and short description). Maximum of four pages.

Suggestions for (but not limited to) New Research Topics can be found here: Bologna, Haifa, HamburgRotterdam.

Please send the letter of motivation as a PDF file. Maximum size: 500 KB.
Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]MOT.pdf" (e.g. young_neilMOT.pdf)

4. Certificate of English proficiency (FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, British Chamber of Commerce, Trinity College, TOEFL, IELTS) in case the applicant's native language is not English

Only applicants who studied for a period of at least 2.5 years in the following countries do not need to submit the certificate: UK, USA, Canada (except for Quebec), Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa. All other applicants have to submit a certificate of English proficiency.

Accepted certificates include:
- Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English: Grades A, B
- Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English: Grades A, B, C
- IELTS (academic module): minimum score of 7
- TOEFL (International, not institutional) internetbased: minimum score 95

Please note that expired certificates can be accepted as well if they have not been expired for more than 3 years.

Please scan the certificate and send it as a PDF file. Maximum size: 500 KB
Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]ENG.pdf" (e.g. young_neilENG.pdf)

5. Academic work, if available (at most two papers)

Please note that we need the paper itself, and not just a link.

Please send them as PDF files. Maximum total size: 1000 KB

Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]AC1.pdf" and "[family name]_[forename]AC2.pdf]
(e.g. young_neilAC1.pdf and young_neilAC2.pdf)

6. Copy of valid ID

Please scan a copy of the photo page and send it as a PDF file. Maximum total size: 500 KB

Please name the file: "[family name]_[forename]PASS.pdf" (e.g. young_neilPASS.pdf)

7. Two reference letters

Reference letters, in PDF format, should be sent by the referees to the following address:

The name of the applicant should be specified in the subject of the e-mail.
Reference letters should be received no later than the date of the application deadline.

The following Reference model should be used: model.

8. Students with special needs

Please explain in detail your special needs (e.g. disability, very large family, etc.), if any.

Please name the file "[family name]_[forename]specialneeds.pdf"

Relevant certificates may be requested at a later stage.


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