Student Experience

Arun KumarArun Kumar Kaushik


wrote his thesis on 'A Law and Economics Analysisof Trade Secrets: Optimal Scope of Law, Misappropriation and Alternative Damages Regimes' in 2015 and is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, O.P. Jindal Global University in Haryana, India.


"Getting admitted to the EDLE program was one of the best things that ever happened to me. In addition to the academic excellence that is the foundation of the program, the international exposure it entails is simply commendable. Having experienced the socio-economic culture of three different countries, I gained an international perpective. It helped me to analyse issues with a global perspective. It also gave me an opportunity to attend various conferences of international importance."

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Hanneke Luth


wrote her thesis on ‘Behavioural economics in consumer policy’, published in the Series European Studies on Law & Economics, Intersentia, Antwerp, in 2010.


“Being part of the EDLE group enables you to discuss your research with likeminded people from all over the world. Your academic skills will be broadened not only in regard to your own research topic, but in the entire field of Law & Economics. My research on the Regulation of Consumer Protection has brought me to a number of academic conferences and also to meetings at the European Commission. For me, deciding to participate in the EDLE programme was one of the best decisions I ever made. The EDLE is full of opportunities. It is up to you to take full advantage.”

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Sofia Amaral-Garcia


defended her thesis 'Quantifying the Economics of Medical Malpractice: A view from a civil law perspective' on 29th November 2011 and currently holds a Post-Doc at the Professorship for Law at the ETH Zurich.


"The EDLE program has definitely changed my life. While I was doing my PhD I was able to discuss research ideas, present my work, and attend several international conferences. I was also very fortunate: being part of the EDLE gave me the opportunity to discuss with leading scholars, see the work they are doing, going to conferences and being introduced to the fascinating world of Law & Economics. Moreover, having colleagues from so many different countries is an amazing experience. This was a unique opportunity!"

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Alexander Vasa


successfully defended his thesis on 'The Effectiveness of the Clean Development Mechanism - A law and economics analysis' in 2012:


“The EDLE programme enabled me to have the freedom to research and to discuss my work with critical thinkers within and outside of the EDLE community. During the programme I was able to gain practical experience, as well as to apply this experience in a theoretical framework. EDLE provided me with the opportunity to present my research at international conferences in France, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland just to name a few. Further it gave me the chance of participating in several summer schools held by top professors in the fields of competition, regulation, international law and economics, as well as empirical methods. I am glad that I participated in the EDLE. The new structure seems even to multiply the opportunities for new students.”

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Kateryna Grabovets

Kateryna Grabovets


successfully defended her thesis on 'Organizational Design and Tort Law: A Synthesis of Organizational Studies and the Economic Analysis of Tort Law' in 2014:


"My PhD experience at the EDLE programme allowed me to conduct research in the interdisciplinary field of Law, Economics and Organisation. I have developed my academic expertise in Economic analysis of Law, policy and regulation, as well as in Economics. I have enjoyed cooperation with most bright Law and Economics scholars in Rotterdam, Bologna, Hamburg and beyond. I have also expended my international network among researchers in other disciplines (Economics, Law, Organisational Theory, Management, Socio-Economics). Participation in the EDLE programme has made me full of academic inspiration for many years ahead."

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Elena Reznichenko


wrote her thesis on `Cost-Effective Criminal Enforcement: A Law and Economics Approach` and successfully defended in 2015. She is currently working as a Researcher and Lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

"Taking part in the EDLE programme gave me a great opportunity to conduct my research in the area of economic analysis of criminal law. During this programme I received a lot of support and guidance from outstanding professors and peers. It enabled me to present my ideas in different conferences to a multidisciplinary audience. This experience enriched my knowledge and understanding of this fascinating field of research."


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Stephan Michel

Stephan Michel


successfully defended his thesis on “The Process of Constitution-Making: A Law and Economics Analysis” in 2017. He currently holds a Postdoc position at the Institute of Law and Economics at Universität Hamburg.


"Joining the EDLE programme was my first step into the world of law and economics, being a “pure” economist by training. The support and opportunities presented by faculties with outstanding professors in different countries are a unique feature of EDLE. I was able to learn a lot, work in different environments and academic cultures and participate in many international academic conferences. As a bonus, I made many friends for life among my colleagues. So, if you dare to undertake an interdisciplinary venture, EDLE is the way to go."



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